Author: jra

  • Genealogy of place

    Megnut came across an article about something I’ve been thinking of as the new owner of a house from 1921. At my housewarming party, a neighbor showed up who had lived next door, looking at and wondering about my house for 37 years. She had never been inside it. She has now!

  • Go fly a kite!



    Rule number 1 of “How to be Jeff” is “Always have a kite in your car, just in case.” I looked up from my computer at about 5:30 pm and noticed that the impending storm was bringing with it gusty winds and interesting clouds. I decided it was high time to get back out to…

  • No Go Game



    Alas, the Go Game has been rescheduled to April 5 due to the weather. That’s probably a good idea. We played Amnesia in the rain, and it was really miserable.

  • Lots of games coming up



    Last night I went with the rest of Team Snout to the Dutch Goose to get interviewed for The Goonies Game. It went really well, and the things we prepared for GC went over well too. Clever bribery goes a long way. We happened to answer two of our trivia questions just by the things…

  • If only…

    If only there was a Tristan and America nearby, I could be fashionable. Perhaps it is time for another trip to Montreal. Maybe in time for their amazing spring?

  • Living in an sci-fi novel

    In Estonia, they have a public program to let people get their genes sequenced. I just can’t get my head wrapped around what this kind of thing will do to society. I’m not against it, I just feel a little like I felt when I saw the first web browser. I knew that things were…

  • It’s not IBM that Oracle needs to worry about

    TechNewsWorld reports, Top Dog Oracle Losing Database Market Share. At work, we are using mySQL for new projects, and looking seriously at replacing Oracle in old projects with it too. Oracle is too expensive when mySQL, which is free, will do the same job. Update: Fortune picked up the story, but probably not from me.

  • Afganistan gets a top level domain

    On March 10 2003 the UNDP made the “af” top level domain go live. Coverage is here: CNN, UNDP. I decided to look into this to see what it looked like. I found to my delight that was allowing zone transfers for the entire “.af” namespace. Unfortunately, there’s still not much there to see.…

  • Egosurfing, pt 3

    After yesterday’s musings about my copious net presence, it was interesting to run across this article.

  • Egosurfing, pt 2

    OK, I really need to stop egosurfing and get to sleep. But look at this bizarre thing I found. I grew up in Oregon, and I’m all for wilderness conservation programs. Maybe they named the fund after me, once I left for California?