Go fly a kite!



Rule number 1 of “How to be Jeff” is “Always have a kite in your car, just in case.

I looked up from my computer at about 5:30 pm and noticed that the impending storm was bringing with it gusty winds and interesting clouds. I decided it was high time to get back out to the Shoreline Park Kite Flying Area.

I got to watch a nice sunset, and fly my kite backwards! The prevailing winds at the kite flying area usually are on-shore from the Bay. Today they were coming from the mountains. I also discovered an interesting new form of recreation. It combines kite flying (for relaxation) with wind sprints (for exercise). See when you are flying a stunt kite alone, every time you crash the kite you have to go to the kite, reassemble it (ok, only after really big crashes!), and set it up for another launch. I was in a hurry to get as many flights as I could before I ran out of light, so I sprinted up and back to the kite after every crash. It also had the nice effect of keeping me warm, since I left my jacket at home today.

I felt so good when I got back in the car. Maybe there is something to this exercise and fresh air thing. I dunno, though. The Big Blue Room is kinda scary…


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