Bonjour, Genève



I arrived in Geneva this morning to see my friend Sima, who I met in Montreal a long time ago. Better not to count the years back, at least in public. I will stay here a week or so. Sima and I don’t really have a plan, but it will involve a little of me on my own, since she has to work next week.

Here’s a little globalization for you. All through my trip to Guatemala, I was haunted by this annoying song called Gasolina. It’s like the song for the Macarena, but about gasoline. Well, if you listen to the lyrics and the interplay between the man and the woman, it’s pretty clear she’s not at a gas station when she chants, “Give me more gasoline!” Ahem.

So I turn on the TV here and start flipping channels looking for the cable TV channel that shows endless feeds from CCTV cameras on the tops of mountains all over the Swiss Alps. Can’t find it on this trip. But what song did I find on TV? Gasolina.

I’m really looking forward to Virgin Galactic getting off the ground so I can get off this stupid planet and escape that stupid song.

I will send out another update later today (bilingual, maybe trilingual, in honor of Geneva’s French speakers). I’ll tell you all how the first half of my trip to England went, including my RedR training.


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