Mi primera clase de RedR



Hoy tomé mi primera clase de RedR. Este clase se llama “¿Etonces, piensas querer trabajar como ayuda humanitaria?”

En sentido estricto, no era necessario, porque yo se querer trabajar como ayudar humanitaria. Pero visitaba Londres en cualquier caso, etonces uno mas clase era facìl para atender.

Eran muchas ingenieros civiles allì, y algunos ayudantes de sanidad. Pero eran poco trabajadores de informatic, solamente yo y uno otre. Estoy comenzando a pensar que debo haber sido ingeniero civil.

Un hombre de MSF hablò hoy. Estaba muy intersante, pero porque he estudiando mucho sobre MSF, no aprendì mucho de èl. Interesante, él dio el mismo consejo como la mujer en Nuevo York: no es necessario aprendo muchos antes solicitar. Tambien, dijo no es necessario hablar dos idiomas, pero pienso es muy importante para MSF-US. Quizas MSF-US receibe muchas mas solicitaciones que MSF-UK. Pero trabajo voluntario es mas comun en Inglaterra. No entiendo.

Mañana, voy a visitar “East Anglia”. No se donde, porque no he hecho mi tarea todavìa. Necesito decidir quel ciudades voy a visitar Domingo y Lunes. Lunes en la noche, voy a colocarme con RedR y voy a domir en Leiston Abbey.

In English

Today I took my first class from RedR. This class is called “So, you think you want to be a relief worker?”.

Strictly speaking, I did not need to take it, because I know I want to be a relief worker. But I was visiting London anyway, so one more class was easy to attend.

There were lots of civil engineers there, and some health workers. There were few IT workers, only me and one other guy. I am beginning to think I should have been a civil engineer.

A guy from MSF spoke today. It was pretty interesting, but because I have studied a lot about MSF, I did not learn much from him. Interestingly, he gave the same advice that the woman at MSF-NY gave: it is not necessary to learn a lot of things before applying. Also, he said it is not necessary to speak two languages, but I think it is very important to MSF-US. Perhaps MSF-US receives many more applications than MSF-UK. But doing voluntary work is much more common in the UK. I don’t get it.

Tomorrow, I will visit East Anglia. I don’t know where because I have not yet done my homework. I need to decide which cities to visit Sunday and Monday. Monday evening, I will check in with RedR and sleep at Leiston Abbey.


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