Hello from Livingston



I’m in Livingston, a weird little leftover from the past. Here, a bunch of black people who speak Spanish live without any roads to the mainland. Their food is very different than mainland Guatemala, and they sprinkle Carribean slang into the middle of their Spanish. Kind of strange.

Also, there are more hustlers here, and they are very good. So good in fact, I got cheated out of a tour this morning. Luckily I still had time to get signed up for another tour and take that. I have a plan to get almost all the money back that the guy nailed me for. He is in cahoots with the place I’m staying. I have not yet paid for the last night in the hotel, and it so happens the hotel price is just a few quezales less than the amount he cheated me out of. So I plan to stiff the hotel and leave a note telling them to get their money from him. The worst that happens is that the hotel lady calls the police on me, to whom I can explain that she helped her friend steal from me. Should be interesting. I’ll tell you how it turns out, as long as there is Internet access in the Livingston jail.

The legitimate tour was a disappointment anyway. I wish I’d just taken the boat ride down to Livingston (which was awesome!) then left at 6am this morning like I originally planned before I got sweet-talked into the tour.

Tomorrow, with luck, I will visit a Doctors Without Borders clinic in Peurto Barrios. Alas, I have not been able to get in contact with them, so I still plan on ambushing them. I now have contact info, so I’ll probably at least try to call from the boat dock in Puerto Barrios and ask if I can come over.

Rio Dulce is a place that a lot of yachties visit, and sometimes wait out the hurricane season. I can see why after taking a boat trip down the river. Attention crew of the Wonderland: come here! It is cool! Just remember that Senegal has exported some it its best and brightest onto the streets of Livingston!


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