Sending Microsoft Packing

Hpaul turned me on to Mulberry when I was bitching and moaning about something stupid Outlook Express did the other day. I decided to give it a try, and I’m delighted.

In addition to being much faster than Outlook Express, it also supports server-side address books via IMSP. I set up an IMSP server, which was not as easy as one would like, but not too bad either. I arranged for it to run inside of stunnel, so no passwords in the clear.

Mulberry is free for a demo copy with annoying reminders to buy it. It costs about $40, which I gladly shelled out.

I am now virtually Microsoft free* in my home internet life. I use Mozilla to browse, Mulberry to do email, and am starting to use Winamp for videos as well. Of course, the main thing I use computers for is to act as terminals to remote Unix machines. And for that, I’ve always been Microsoft-free, using Putty and VNC.

* OK, not counting Windows XP. But honestly, Windows XP is completely worth the $30 I paid for it at the MSFT company Store. There’s no way it is worth $300, of course. I work at sending Microsoft packing when their products are stagnating, and have killed off the competitors. Windows XP is an example of innovation on the desktop, not stagnation. And the competitors are alive and well, and don’t need my help.


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