Skipper Jeff



Last weekend I passed my BCC certification, which means that I’m allowed to charter boats up to 25 feet from anywhere in the Bay Area (and around the world, too). On Thursday, I went out on my first solo trip. Our crew worked together well, and we had a good mix of just relaxing sailing, splashing through waves, and practicing. The only problem is that the ladies didn’t get as much time on the tiller as they probably deserved. But it’s difficult to make it fair when people steadfastly claim they are “fine” and don’t want to get involved.

Sunday is my first cruise with beginners. I was trying to be super-conservative and arrange to have an experienced crewman onboard with two beginners. After Thursday, when things went really smoothly, I decided to go with three beginners and me. So, the crew will be Maria, Terence, and Nadine. They are all very sharp, and will pick it up fast, so I’m not worried at all.


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