There’s a new technology to learn about… TDMoIP. VoIP (Voice over IP) has been a big disaster. Lots of engineering effort in, little success out. I had a Vonage phone line for a while, and the call quality (mostly due to latency) was terrible. I was using my Vonage endpoint under significantly less than ideal…

16-bit Internet?

Check out this snippet from the “Having trouble connecting” help screen for AOL Instant Messenger: You might not be able to sign on if: Your Internet connection is only 16-bit. AIM needs a 32-bit connection. Contact your ISP if you are not sure. snip… 16-bit Internet? What they hell are these guys smoking?

Wooden Clockworks

Here’s a collection of links about wooden clockworks. First, you need to search for “wooden clockworks”, not “wooden clocks”, since lots of people make wooden cases, put a quartz clockworks in them and then list them as “wooden clocks”. This site would win the awards for both “most irritating website ever”, and “most useful information”….

Some things I’m thinking about doing

I have broad curiousity, which I’ve made the best of, given that it tends to limit my ability to focus on something for long periods of time. I’m currently, though not permanently, at peace with the fact that I tend to progress just past “beginner” in all that I do, then lose interest in making…

I’m still here

I just haven’t posted in a while, that’s all. Hmm, why? I haven’t been extraordinately busy. I just haven’t had anything to say. I’m hoping to break the trend by saying something about not saying anything. One reason I haven’t had anything to say is that some of the things I have to say are…

Thoughts of a man far away

Hong Kong has turned out to be the epicenter of a serious outbreak of SARS. There is an incredibly moving article in BBC about the silent killer in the midst of the healtch care workers in Hong Kong. I found the e-mail address of the doctor and sent him a note. It is included below….

Happy St. Patrick’s day!

I went with Dan to St. Steven’s Green today for lunch. I ordered Chicken Strips with salad. When I got mine, the first chicken strip looked just like the island of Great Britain. I picked it up by Scotland and dipped Wales in Ranch dressing before I noticed the similarity. So I immediately started digging…


I only subscribe to one magazine at a time right now, because otherwise my curiousity would bury me under a pile of magazines every month. I try different ones from year to year, just to see what all is out there. I’m currently subscribed to Atlantic Monthly, as a result of William Langewiesche’s interview on…

Meat eaters

Now, as Karl reminds me all the time, I do eat meat. But I am not a Meat EaterTM. My mother happily taught me to eat a lot of chicken and fish, and then dating a vegetarian pushed me over the edge to where I eat meat only a few meals a week, and even…

Genealogy of place

Megnut came across an article about something I’ve been thinking of as the new owner of a house from 1921. At my housewarming party, a neighbor showed up who had lived next door, looking at and wondering about my house for 37 years. She had never been inside it. She has now!