Thoughts of a man far away

Hong Kong has turned out to be the epicenter of a serious outbreak of SARS.

There is an incredibly moving article in BBC about the silent killer in the midst of the healtch care workers in Hong Kong. I found the e-mail address of the doctor and sent him a note. It is included below.

Subject: God bless you

I read your interview in BBC and it really touched me. Tonite I
had been feeling sorry for myself and my country (I'm an
American) because we've gotten ourselves into such a mess in the
mideast. Your interview reminded me that the real fight is
against nature itself.

Good luck to you, take care of yourself. May all your colleagues
recover. You have my thoughts even in this trying time, when
these obscene distractions try to pull my attention from your
very human story.

Jeff Allen
Redwood City, CA, USA

If you feel like it, please send him a note too.

Update from May 2020: Andrew Burd is still in Hong Kong, and still writing, about a different pandemic.


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