It’s not IBM that Oracle needs to worry about

TechNewsWorld reports, Top Dog Oracle Losing Database Market Share. At work, we are using mySQL for new projects, and looking seriously at replacing Oracle in old projects with it too. Oracle is too expensive when mySQL, which is free, will do the same job. Update: Fortune picked up the story, but probably not from me.

Afganistan gets a top level domain

On March 10 2003 the UNDP made the “af” top level domain go live. Coverage is here: CNN, UNDP. I decided to look into this to see what it looked like. I found to my delight that was allowing zone transfers for the entire “.af” namespace. Unfortunately, there’s still not much there to see….

Old News

There are two things wrong with this story: MSN TV prank creating “emergencies”. One, that it could happen at all, because the design problems and bugs that made it possible have been known for a long time by people smart enough, but too busy to fix them. Second, that people are calling it a virus….