Finding IDE drive firmware version from Solaris

I am working on a mysterious bug at work, and absent of any other promising theories, I decided to compare the firmware revision of all the hard drives involved to see if that correlated with the pattern of problems. If you aren’t a sysadmin, that will either not make any sense at all, or will…

Hello, I’m back! dropped off the net because of some nameserver difficulties. I took the chance to also change registrars, which added to the downtime. I am back now, so if you sent mail and it bounced and you want me to see it, please send it again.

Aggressive Caching in

So, it appears that too aggressive caching in is the culprit. Even after I changed which services it was supposed to be advertising to the TiVo, it still sent down the old stuff it had cached in files in /tmp. Removing everything in /tmp owned by apache solved the problem. Not graceful, but it…

Update to tivo-beacon

I made a new version of tivo-beacon, with the length bytes included that TiVo seems to send on TCP connections. That makes it quite a bit happier. Now I just need to figure out why is sending down messages about services (“Music” in my case) that are commented out of example.cgi.

TiVoConnect Hacking

Tonite I set out to make my Tivo use my remotely-hosted Linux webserver as my MP3 server. The eventual goal is to teach WinAmp to play from the same collection of files, so that I can have one copy of my mp3’s in the “cloud” and still get access to them easily on each device….

Free Wireless

This weblog post, and the last one, brought to you courtesy of the owner of Whoever you are, thanks for making it possible for me to sit in the shade on a Fort Lauderdale street and use the net. If you are ever on Arch St. in Redwood City, I’ll happily return the favor.


There’s a new technology to learn about… TDMoIP. VoIP (Voice over IP) has been a big disaster. Lots of engineering effort in, little success out. I had a Vonage phone line for a while, and the call quality (mostly due to latency) was terrible. I was using my Vonage endpoint under significantly less than ideal…

16-bit Internet?

Check out this snippet from the “Having trouble connecting” help screen for AOL Instant Messenger: You might not be able to sign on if: Your Internet connection is only 16-bit. AIM needs a 32-bit connection. Contact your ISP if you are not sure. snip… 16-bit Internet? What they hell are these guys smoking?

Wooden Clockworks

Here’s a collection of links about wooden clockworks. First, you need to search for “wooden clockworks”, not “wooden clocks”, since lots of people make wooden cases, put a quartz clockworks in them and then list them as “wooden clocks”. This site would win the awards for both “most irritating website ever”, and “most useful information”….