I love my Chumby

I have been wanting a digital photo frame for a while, so I could see the same pictures I send to the other digital frames in my family. I post pictures of Elio to Picasaweb, and my family sees them via Toshiba digitical frames with built-in wireless and FrameChannel clients.

Here in Switzerland, the digital frames with wireless are super expensive, and don’t even have FrameChannel. Separately, I’ve always liked the Chumby, but considered it’s puny screen kind of pointless. I mean, what’s the point of a Linux machine with a 3 inch screen? If it’s not a phone, I mean. So when I saw the review of the new Chumby 8, I found the solution to my problem!

My out of box experience with the Chumby 8 has been great, and I’ve already enabled the ssh daemon, and now I am getting ready to compile the IPv6 kernel module for it.

Yes, IPv6 on a Chumby.

Insane? Yes. Insanely great? You bet.

Update: I managed to compile the ipv6 modules with no problems. When I put them on it, they don’t work. When I put a new kernel on it, I bricked it. So I had to do an upgrade to get it unbricked, and now I’m scratching my head wondering how to get moving again.


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