It has been a long time since I wrote last, so here is a tiny update. I am doing the handover to the new November 2 right now. It is a very strange thing to have him here and be able to literally count the days. Also now I have to pay particular attention to issues of respect, authority, control, and so on. I need my staff to see that this is an orderly transition and that I trust and have confidence in the new guy so that they do too. It is a different set of things to think about, but not too hard to figure out.

We are repairing a couple of bridges out in the bush. I was really hoping to get to go see and help with that work, but there is too much to do here in Saclepea.

I’m reviewing what I accomplished and what I am leaving for the new guy, and I’m very happy with the balance. There is work for him to do, but in some ways I am lucky, because some of the most satisfying work was for me, and it is done now. His work will be more here in Saclepea and more transition and consolidation. My work was to keep things working here while making something new out in the bush (Diallah Health Post). I got the better assignment, I think!

Day to day work around here is normal, with normal small successes and frustrations punctuated by major things of the same sort. The team at Nimba is still fun, and I will miss them all a lot.

My last day is December 14, when I will be traveling to Monrovia. I will have a short meeting there, then take the plane to Geneva on Dec 15. I have some meetings there, and then my contract with MSF Swiss is over. I will enjoy Christmas in Geneva with my Mom, then I will stay in Europe a while longer after she goes back. I have a week of skiing planned, and lots of just being on vacation. Then I will head home and figure out something interesting to do with myself, but really I have no clue yet what that will be.


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