Where’s Jeff?

Sorry I haven’t sent out an update in a while. I’ve been visiting family and doing paperwork to get in the MSF system. I got my medical clearance from my doctor, extra eye glasses, etc.

Kat the Dog and I traveled up to Oregon to see my parents and grandparents. A consulting job back in the Silicon Valley fell through, so Kat and I continued north to Seattle where we helped prepare my step-brother’s house to be sold. Good thing too, because he bought a new house while we were there!

I’m now in Santa Monica. Why? Because I volunteered to work in the headquarters of International Medical Corps for a week. Through Humaninet, I got in touch with a logistics guy here at IMC, and he’s acted as a bit of a mentor for me, long-distance. I figured it was about time to come help him out and return the favor. He also suggested that IMC might want to interview me for a job, and that’s perfectly fine with me!

So, tomorrow morning I will show up to my new job at 8 am and work there for 5 days. Then I’ll leave poor Jon, just when he’s finally trained me… I have another committment, this time the other direction.

I am serving as the technical coordinator for the Humaninet Simulation Day up in Portland next week. Practically speaking, this means that I send a bunch of email and write a bunch of ideas down while all the poor Portland people do the real work. I think I’m getting good at this consulting/managing thing!

For those of you wondering, Kat didn’t get to come to Santa Monica. She’s being dog sitted by Karl, my housemate. Dan and Iris are also thinking about giving Kat a sleepover at their house, because they are considering adopting her when I go overseas. She will get to come to Portland with me, though.

I’ll write another update next week telling y’all how IMC went, and what I’m doing for Humaninet.


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