…and to all a good night

I’ve just (barely) beaten my self-imposed deadline of “before Christmas” for turning in my MSF application. They say that I should hear back from them in 3 or 4 weeks. The next step would be an interview. Don’t know how soon it would happen.

I haven’t sent out an update in a while, so here’s where I am… I am visiting my parents in Roseburg, Oregon. While house-sitting in Redwood City during December, I worked a week and a half as a consultant. I also refinished the bathroom of the place I was staying. (Here’s where it gets complicated: it was actually the bathroom in a building I partly own, but I was there as a housesitter, not an owner. Get it?) I couldn’t mention in my updates that I have been refinishing a bathroom, because it was a surprise gift for Karl (my fellow owner).

Working as a consultant reminded me that I’m glad I’m not in IT anymore full time. The job was interesting enough, and it was a good fit for me. I was able to deliver value to the client equal to the insane price they had to pay for my time. But within the first two hours or so I glazed over as someone was explaining the same old office politics to me, and realized, “I’m really glad this is not my life.”

Kat the dog is doing fine. I found her a chew toy that really occupied her (a real-life Leg O’ Pig) but she finished that one in a few days in California, and they don’t have the same thing here in Roseburg. So, we’re back to the old game of my pleading with her to chew any of the other toys she is bored of instead of my arm. Perhaps Santa will bring Kat something new to chew on tomorrow.

Happy Holidays to all of you, all around the world. Thanks for reading of my adventures this year and encouraging me in person when you see me. Hope you are with loved ones right now and enjoying a festive holiday season.


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