With Cliff in Dallas

I dropped in on Cliff McCarthy in Dallas for the night. Cliff and I enjoyed dinner and chatting, then a big shopping trip at Walmart. Came in way under budget on food and water, so either I am going to starve, or I was being pessimistic when I budgeted. Cliff reminded me that not only is everything bigger in Texas, but everything is cheaper too. Which might explain why everyone in Texas is bigger too!

I crossed two timezones in two days in my car. I’ve actually got jet-lag, and didn’t even get in a jet! But I was flying, since the traffic was light and the weather was perfect.

I will leave in the morning for Rayville, and if there is no work for me there, I will head south to Ponchatoula, LA where our group has another staging area. The group is starting to work in Bay Saint Louis MS now, so things are even more in flux than usual.

The umbrella group for our work is Part-15.org. The team I am joining writes updates here, but they are a bit behind right now due to the upheaval of moving from Rayville to the Gulf Coast.


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