The Last Chapter on Airtech



I flew to Cancun using Airtech for just $250 round trip. What a deal! The only thing you have to do to get such a good price is not have any fixed plans and be willing to put up with slightly bizarre customer service.

Today, I got this email from the President of AirTech. I asked him if I could post it because it seems to provide a fitting close to the story of my AirTech customer experience. He gladly gave his permission, and commented that one of the nice things about owning your own company is that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Indeed!

From: Michael Esterson
Subject: blacklisted

Just kidding,

but you are a snide little basterd, glad  your trip went well
and that you chose us over airhitch, you seem to enjoy toying
with human emotions, stick this on your blog if you dare, you
seemed to be well traveled, if not slightly stoooopid... Thanks
for the mention, i subscribe to the  notion that all publicity
is good. BTW this company used to have about 15 employees now
we are down to 4 but now  i am getting rich be-yatch!

Michael Esterson
President, Airtech

To anyone who is considering flying AirTech out there, my advice would be… go for it, but only after reading my entries on it (#1, #2, and this one). Understand you are not exactly dealing with United Airlines, but for at least one flight, AirTech got me safely and cheaply to Cancun.


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