I made it



Well, traveling with AirTech was a breeze, except for the having 12 different backup plans part. I simply showed up at the airport 2 hours early (no big deal for an international flight) and the nice lady behind the counter gave me a confirmed seat on the plane in minutes. I’m sure it is not always like this, but it was pretty painless.

I am booked on a 20:30 bus out of here, and will arrive in San Cristobal tomorrow around noon. (16 hours… ugh!) That probably means I’ll be too late to get to Panajachel tomorrow, but it will give me plenty of time to arrange my ride to Pana for the next day. I happen to know a great hostel in San Cristobal from last time, so no problem.

Some things I forgot about Central America:

  • How loud it is. The traffric, the incessant music blaring, etc.
  • How good it feels to speak in Spanish and be understood.
  • How cute the gringa traveler girls are. (Hey it’s not my fault… I just went through the airport and the bus station today. I’ve seen a lot of people today.)
  • What humid heat feels like. Europe and the Pacific Northwest have dry summers, mercifully. But as soon as I get to Guatemala, where there is never any air conditioning, I’ll cope. Here in Mexico is the worst because you get used to some place air conditioned, then get out and suffer again.


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