101st entry

Why are people strange about powers of ten?

If we had 8 fingers, would be be a really big deal when the car had 32769 miles on it? And what if I lost a finger, would I start getting excited about rollovers in base 9? And what about yakuza, who screw up and lose a half or a third of a digit? What is the meaning of fractional bases?

Just wondering.

Link it, dude!

It’s 2004 for God’s sake. Why do idiots still insist on putting URL’s in plain text in a web page, so that I have to copy it and paste it into my URL bar?

Is it because they are afraid I won’t come back to their website, and want to dissuade me from visiting the other website? If that is really their attitude, I want to run away screaming from them anyway.

I want a plugin for Firebird that will scan the page and turn URLs into links. I want it to default to off, and only do its work when I choose “unfuck URL’s” from the context menu. It should work on a selection too (like the really great “View Selection Source” feature) so that if I don’t want it unfucking the entire page, I don’t have to.

Free World Dialup

This posting reminded me of something I discovered last night. When you make a toll-free call to a US number using FWD, the ANI (if you’re not a telco guru, think “Caller ID”) shows up as a fixed number. This fixed number has nothing to do with your FWD account number, and it is the same for all FWD member who make outbound calls to toll free numbers. As a result, if you call a service which is personalized based on your ANI (like Tellme) you get whatever personalization someone else set up, or worse, other people can mess with your settings.

That sucks, because it means I can’t use my VoIP phone and FWD to call into a Tellme-operated toy I use and have it recognize me as Jeff Allen and let me do things like “call mom”. As it is now, I’m likely to end up calling someone else’s mom. Not good.

How am I ever going to have Dialtone 2.0 at home? If I want to find a way to do it for free, I’m going to have get more clever!

UPDATE (1/20): Jeff Pulver interpreted this posting as a complaint, and upon re-reading it, I see how that could happen. I’ve apologized to him personally, but I’d also like to make it clear, publically, that I’m a real fan of FWD. I know precisely why he’s got it configured this way, and it makes all the sense in the world to me. It just so happens it prevents me from setting up something cool I was hoping to do; that’s the nature of technology sometimes. So I’m currently thinking about another way to do this, and perhaps I can even get Jeff to help me with it, if he’s the forgiving type.