Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m driving up to Roseburg today for Mother’s Day weekend and my mom’s retirement party. It’s a long drive, but going home for a visit is always worth the trip. I surprised mom for Mother’s Day a few years ago. That was really fun. This time she knows I’m coming, but it should be just…

Hello, I’m back!

nella.org dropped off the net because of some nameserver difficulties. I took the chance to also change registrars, which added to the downtime. I am back now, so if you sent mail and it bounced and you want me to see it, please send it again.

Gender differences in navigation

Some usability researchers reported that with a 35 degree viewing angle, women are slower at navigational tasks than men, but when the viewing angle opens up to 70 degrees or more, the gender difference disappears. The improvement only shows up if the animation is smooth like reality, not jumpy. Somehow I feel just a little…

Everlasting Bliss

Why would you pay $200 for a ketchup bottle? If it made me smile like that guy is smiling, I’d pay. Isn’t $200 a small price to pay for everlasting bliss?

Life at Microsoft

This description of life at Microsoft is pretty accurate. There’s more to it, of course. Every big company has politics and culture “issues”. Also, not every employee of Microsoft is so privileged to work at a level where they can control their own fate as much as the article implies. But for a certain class…

Aggressive Caching in TiVo.pm

So, it appears that too aggressive caching in TiVo.pm is the culprit. Even after I changed which services it was supposed to be advertising to the TiVo, it still sent down the old stuff it had cached in files in /tmp. Removing everything in /tmp owned by apache solved the problem. Not graceful, but it…

Update to tivo-beacon

I made a new version of tivo-beacon, with the length bytes included that TiVo seems to send on TCP connections. That makes it quite a bit happier. Now I just need to figure out why TiVo.pm is sending down messages about services (“Music” in my case) that are commented out of example.cgi.

TiVoConnect Hacking

Tonite I set out to make my Tivo use my remotely-hosted Linux webserver as my MP3 server. The eventual goal is to teach WinAmp to play from the same collection of files, so that I can have one copy of my mp3’s in the “cloud” and still get access to them easily on each device….