IPv6 in Mont-la-ville!

When I got my Raspberry Pi up and running, I reactivated my AICCU tunnel to Sixxs.net. But then I remembered that two years ago when I last touched IPv6, Swisscom was running a beta test to do IPv6 in the home.

So today I went looking to see if the test still existed and if I could join it. Why? Well, to be honest, it never even occurred to me that IPv6 to the home was in production. The lack of IPv6 uptake has become one of those “so sad it’s funny” things in our industry. But guess what?

It just worked.

Really, like totally, no questions asked. It. Just. Worked. I went to the Swisscom customer website, clicked on “turn on IPv6”, and it immediately told me my prefix was assigned as 2a02:120b:2c25:5940/60. In a few minutes, my home router had been reconfigured by Swisscom and it showed that IPv6 was turned on. Then I took a look at my computer, and it had auto-selected an address. I typed “ping6 google.com” and it worked.

So there you have it. If you are a Swisscom home DSL customer, you’ve got IPv6. Whoo hoo!

(You might need to ask Swisscom for a new router; they seem to not offer IPv6 if your router is older than about 6 months.)

Update: The router defaults to a strict IPv6 firewall, so if you want to run a server on a device, you need to login to the router and turn off the IPv6 firewall.


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