Now with IPv6!

I have been learning about IPv6 for work, and getting it turned on for home and for my server at It’s been interesting, and a bit depressing just how hard it is to get people to do something that’s so easy…

Anyway, if your web browser is on IPv6, you’ll get a nifty ribbon on the upper right of the page of Go give it a try! But don’t complain if you don’t see anything, it just means you are on IPv4, and that you live in the 20th century… you probably also have a bad haircut and a skinny leather tie like I was wearing at my 9th grade end of year school dance…

PS: The PHP code to put the ribbon on only for IPv6 users is this:

if (strpos(getenv('REMOTE_ADDR'), ":"))
  echo "<img src=\"img/now-with.gif\" border=0 width=150
    height=150 style=\"position:absolute; right:0px; top:0px;
    margin:0px; padding:0px\">";

PPS: You can get ribbons like this from


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