Just DO It

There’s a guy in Philly who realized he’s rich, because me makes $30,000 as a community organizer, and many people in the world live on far less. He decided to go on a diet, for his own helath, but also to understand what it means to live on a simple diet.

That’s already an interesting story, but what’s really interesting is this video he posted, where he talks about what held him back from starting the project (fear) and what the reality has been (support). This is exactly the same thing I found when I made the big change to leave IT and be a log for MSF.

To anyone else out there, and I know some of you are out there because you come to me for advice, here’s the cornerstone of all advice: Just do it. What do you care what other people think? Why do you think your guess about what they will think is right anyway? Just do it, and then be surprised by the reactions, and by the good that comes into your life as the payoff for the risk you took.


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