Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy (or a nicer country)

Carl Malamud + the Government Printing Office is a match made in heaven.

Please, President Obama, make it happen. This guy is one of us, one of the good guys who cares about transparency, about good government, about the freedom to know, to learn, to discuss and to criticize. He’s a person who speaks not with words, but with actions. I’ve followed his career and his dreams for years, always being pleasantly surprised when something I wanted to know or find had become available to me because of his tireless work.

This is a critical time for America: we’re climbing out of a hole of neglect for the public space, and for fundamental American freedoms. President Obama, you’ve set the right direction, and Carl Malamud has heard your call and stepped forward. The last step is for you to recognize what this great American has already done for freedom of information and give him the mandate to move your ideal of transparency forward in the GPO.

Go Carl, go!


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