A “Told You So” Moment

One of the risks of being a person who is constantly processing information, forming opinions, and trying to predict the future is that when you get it right-ish, you tend to say, “I told you so”. Or if you are polite, you just think, “I told you so”.

I’m not so polite so I blog it instead.

Right this moment, the top two stories on Slashdot make me say I told you so. I don’t have the time to dig into them right now, but the headlines lead me to believe my gut instinct has been on the right track for a while:

Why do these count as “I told you so” moments? Because they fit the patterns I’ve noticed and have written about. The global warming one is a bit interesting. I still think man-made carbon dioxide is a scapegoat. I’ve thought for a long time that climate change is unavoidable and the sooner we accept it as a reality and make decisions around it the better. I knew this in 2004, and it is related to why I live and work where I do now.

Since neither of them are really very good news, I don’t feel too good about being so in tune with the zeitgeist, but I’d still rather be a member of the “reality based community”, instead of a “faith based” one anyway.

Speaking of faith, this weekend, Marina and I went to a class on the life of Jesus. The Catholic priest was super-liberal, which was a mind-blowing event for Marina, who last reviewed the life of Jesus via the Catechism, and thus had a narrow view of some historical facts that are inconvenient to the Church. I had a liberal religious education, so nothing the priest said was really new to me. I was actually a little disappointed he didn’t mention the possibility that Jesus was a Black Man. Anyway, a good time was had by all, and now we are allowed to get married. (The Catholics are a little funny like that. Even the super-liberal priest is forced to require a class before you get married, so he uses his class to give a liberal view of Jesus. Whatever.)


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