How to ride a bus



Marina and I could have used this useful training film before we arrived in England.

It seems the film needs to be updated some to reflect the current state of the privatized English bus system:

  • First, be sure to find out which company has bought the route you want to ride from the government. Be careful not to buy a ticket for a competing service, it will be refused.
  • Don’t bother checking the schedules, your friendly First driver will come when he’s ready. In order to assure prompt and reliable First service, we will sometimes send three busses at a time. Sometimes you’ll have to wait 30 minutes or more on one of our “every 10 minute” lines, so as to ensure that three busses can travel together.
  • Be sure to wave at the bus driver as he passes you without stopping. Like that, you are sure he enjoys a pleasant and friendly day, without the bother of carrying passengers. Cheer up, there will be three more buses in 30 minutes!


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