A Call for Help

Something very wrong is going on on South Africa, and the world is missing it:

“It is better for us to be here than go for reintegration. The South Africans want to kill us and the government is trying to kill us. Reintegration’s a death sentence. We’d rather die here together,” said Johnny Kaka.

MSF is only one voice, and though they are speaking out, the immigrants in South Africa need more people to speak for them.

Shame on the African majority of South Africa that they’ve come to this: dehumanizing the African immigrants in their country. There’s no racism here, just nationalism and the simple human stupidity that comes from fear and greed. People on this planet can be remarkably rude to each other, and it’s just an accident of history or fashion if it is due to racism, nationalism, or tribalism. Until we learn to love “the other” as we love our own brother, we will not be able to stop it.

Wow, that was almost biblical. Perhaps this is where the human instinct for religion came from, not that I believe organized religion is really necessary to understand how to live a just life.


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