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I was poking around on Kunnafoni to see what they are up to. Check out la Source (“the spring”) a kiosk that makes software and media available for installation onto USB keys.

My readers are English speaking, so I will include subtitles for the video here. Adjust your windows so you can see both and click play!

  • Hello!
  • Hello, really!
  • How’s it going?
  • Fine.
  • I’ve come to talk about la Source that I heard about the other day. It’s that?
  • Yup.
  • In there I can find programs, books, and videos for my mobile phone and my laptop computer?
  • Yes. (he demos it)
  • Do you have pirate programs in there?
  • No! They are free programs, distributed for free. If you are an IT guy, you can even change them
  • But how do I get the file?
  • You choose ok, you transfer it onto your key, and you give me 100 francs. (20 cents, US)
  • But you said it was free!
  • Right, but I’m making it faster and easier for you to download!
  • OK. Can you give me other stuff?
  • In la Source you can also find movies and books (fiction, non-fiction, classics).
  • Thanks Moussa! I will come back and buy something even bigger.

This is what I was talking about on Aid Worker Daily: Open Source lets people adapt software to the circumstances they find in their culture.

Update: I found a blog posting on AfriGadget about it, and it includes a nice video from France24.


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