I’m Back!


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After an extended downtime due to lack of give-a-shit on my part, my blog is back, and I am back to blogging. Expect something here daily, which is my goal.

Lots and lots of news… where to start? I suppose at the last post. Since then, Marina and I were evacuated from Chad due to fighting in the town where our project was located. We then found a nice little meningitis emergency in DR Congo. When we came home we had a little vacation, then I went to the USA to see family after close to a year away. We found separate postings with MSF for the summer, which was hard but worthwhile. Marina worked in Myanmar doing mobile clinics from boats, and I went to Oromyia, Ethiopia to participate in an nutritional emergency intervention.

In August, we made a whirlwind tour of all of our various families in various parts. This grueling tour was for a worthwhile purpose: we announced our engagement! We’ll be married sometime in mid- to late-2009.

We are now living in Leeds, England. Marina is studying for a Masters in International Public Health at University of Leeds. I am the house husband, though I am doing work too; some IT contracts if I can find them, lots of self-training to get caught up to the tech landscape, and maybe some volunteering for various places too. Of course, I am a blogger again, and I’ll give some time to that.


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