“squat toilets + leaping cockroaches = unhappy expats”

Check out the great blogs at MSF Canada. The quote in the title came from Made in Bangladesh by Julia Payson. James Maskalyk is also writing sublime postings.

My mom asked me, “How come MSF Canada’s volunteers get to blog and you couldn’t?” The answer is just a matter of comfort level with the new medium. Like all organizations have in the last few years, MSF is currently digesting what blogs mean and how they can be used. It is not much of a surprise to me that MSF Canada, some of whose volunteers work at MSF Holland, would be ahead of the curve on this one. Canada is a small place full of curious people. Of course they are going to experiment with blogs!

If I continue to work with MSF Switzerland, perhaps I can help them see how blogging can help recruitment. I have already corresponded with four or five potential MSF volunteers based on my blog!


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