Got to Monrovia

Just a quick update to let you all know that I have arrived safely in Monrovia. We rode in from the airport last night in an MSF Land Cruiser through an evening rainstorm. The weather here is comfortable… it is quite hot and humid, but not as bad as Mississippi or Guatemala was. The tropical rainstorms are strong, warm, and short, so they are easy to deal with. My room is comfortable, with a nice mosquito net and screens on the windows.

The whole team went out to a typical expat dinner last night. The thing that’s somewhat disappointing about third world travel is that in cities, everywhere you go it’s the same. Liberia is almost indistinguishable from Guatemala and Senegal. That’s why you have to take the time to get out and travel to escape the city. Even then, the technology of cement blocks, diesel trucks, plastic baskets, mud bricks, generators, TV’s, cell phones, and tin roofing is universal. There is a level of technological development beyond which it takes real effort to pass, but otherwise the traders of the world (here, Lebanese) bring the baseline technology to every corner of the world where there’s someone who will pay for it.

I will be in Monrovia until Friday, and will probably spend the day traveling on Friday. The roads to Saclepea are in great shape, so there will be no difficulty traveling there.


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