My interview with MSF

Today I had my interview with MSF. It went pretty well, I think. I was well prepared, both for the interview and for the multiple choice test they give logisticians. In the interview I got a number of chances to explain how I think my past experiences will help me do the job. Molly asked me how I’d deal with the inevitable problems of close team living, and I had an answer that I think pleased her.

Yesterday, I studied diesel engine failure modes and basics of water systems, and both of those showed up on the test. Many of the questions on the test have some pretty serious problems, and I don’t think MSF-USA takes it terribly seriously. Hope not because I certainly didn’t ace it.

One strange thing is that between the interview and the test she had me watch a 30 minute movie. It was all stuff I knew from reading so much about life as an MSF volunteer, but I suppose it would have answered a lot of questions for me when I first got started researching this stuff.

In a month or so they will tell me if I’ve made it onto their roster of volunteers. At that point, I’ll work with the HR department to find my first posting. Between now and then, I was planning on taking a big long camping trip of some sort. But the weather is just so horrible here in California right now, I’m not taking off tomorrow, and probably not Friday either.


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