Back at home



I got back home to Redwood City on Friday. The drive was uneventful. The puppy dog seemed a little sad to leave Roseburg, where Mom had made a comfortable home for Kat, and had spoiled her rotten. But after a bit, she got back in the swing of being a traveling dog, and settled down in her crate in the car. When we arrived at my house on Arch Street, I excitedly told Kat that we were home and showed her around. She seemed scared and uncomfortable… afterall, this was just another place I was dumping her and (in her eyes) threatening to leave her again. After I set up a comfortable little temporary pen for her in the garage, she settled down a bit. We took a nice walk around the neighborhood yesterday and she liked that a lot. Everyone who saw her stopped to say hi. Everyone loves a puppy!

I realized that with the addition of only two fences, I could turn the area behind Karl’s house into a dog run. I also figured out that the little alcove in my garage would make a great dog-zone, so I’ll build a shelf up above it and move the stuff in the alcove up onto the shelf. Then I’ll put a gate on the door to the alcove and Kat will have her own room! The alcove even has a window that is currently boarded up. Once I open up the window, she’ll have a room with a view!

I got most of the dog run done today, but I’ll need to finish it up tomorrow by connecting the second fence to the house and doing a bit of landscaping inside to make things more comfortable for Kat. I’ll hopefully make her room inside tomorrow too. If Mom can spoil her, so can I!

Yesterday I got my Technician Class ham radio license. I also passed the test for the General Class, but I still need to learn Morse code to finish that one. The next test session is in a couple weeks, so hopefully I’ll pass it and get it out of the way.

The plan for the next while is to finish up a report about my work for Radio Response, then apply to MSF. While I am waiting for an answer from MSF, I’ll do some contract work here in Silicon Valley to top off the old bank account.


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