Kat the Dog



Here’s a couple pictures of Kat, the dog I brought home from Mobile, AL. Her full name is Katrina, but she goes by Kat. She’s perhaps 10 weeks old now, meaning that she was born about the time of Hurricane Katrina. She was abandoned in a hotel room in Mobile. I encountered her while taking a rather random walk in Mobile with Angela. I decided she’d be good company on the drive to Oregon. (She = the dog, but as it turns out, Angela made good company too!) In Oregon, I expected to find her a home by writing an article for the hometown paper. On the drive across, I fell in love with Kat, so she’s found a home a little closer to home than I expected.

More pictures are in Kat’s page in my gallery.




Today was Kat’s first trip to the veterinarian. She got a single shot with all her immunizations and a deworming serum by mouth. She’s also going to be eating children’s Bendryl for the next few days to try to break the cycle of itching and scratching. Finally, we’ll give her an anti-flea treatment in a few days, after giving her a bath with some soothing shampoo tonight.


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