Hello from Moab



I am on my way home across country. I’ve picked up a couple of traveling companions, Angela and Kat. Angela is a girl from Alaska with family in Oregon. Kat is a puppy. Yes, it’s a dog named Kat. (See below for more on Kat).

We left Saturday, going to Mobile AL to drop off Angela’s car. We spent the night in Rayville, LA with Sharon Dearman (wife of Mac, my boss at Radio Response). The next morning we drove to Dallas, and saw Cliff McCarthy there for a late lunch. After that we tried hard to get out of Texas in a day, but predictably failed: no one escapes Texas in a day. (But I’m happy to report, the puppy did choose to poop on Teaxs, which delighted me.)

My car was having trouble starting in the mornings. Angela recognized the symptoms (it’s good to have a girl around who owns an old Jeep) and convinced me to replace the starter. We headed up to Pueblo, CO to find a Subaru dealer with a starter on hand and got it fixed. We back tracked south a bit and picked up highway 160 across Colorado. Very pretty.

Today we are starting out from Moab. We camped last night outside of town. We’ll stop by Canyonlands National Park, which I didn’t have time for last time I was in Moab. Then we’ll head northwest to Salt Lake City, where Angela has a friend she wants to see.

Angela and I ran across Kat while taking a walk in Mobile, AL. She had been abandoned in a hotel room. We decided there was no reason we couldn’t give her a lift with us from Alabama to the Pacific Northwest. We figured she’d have a better chance of finding a good home outside the Katrina zone. We named her Katrina, so that something good and fun and cute would be associated with the name. Also, because it gets great looks from people when we call the dog by name!


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