First full day

Yesterday, I worked my first full day. So I’ve been at work 1.5 days. In that time, two new people have come in. I made a minimal system to get people up and running, and tried it out on the next two after me. I suspect that as I start working in the field it wil fall by the wayside, but at lesat two people know what new people should get told.

Yesterday night I grabbed the journalist hat and put it on and wrote our update for the day. Because I had been trapped in a desk job for the day, it was fun to interview people and find out what was happening in the field. Then to strip out the four letter words and tales of big-org incompetence. We intentionally went for a more aggressive tone in this one, in order to help get the word out that things aren’t as under control as the spokespersons tell the press, and that we have the equipment, tools, and talent to make it better.

Please take a look at our new website, including yesterday’s update by me.

I am building up quite a sleep deficit from the drive out, followed by there always being one more thing to do before bed (and an alarm clock set for the morning). I have Sunday scheduled as a day off. I plan to stick to a 6-day work week for the next few weeks to make sure I keep in good shape. Another guy here is of the slightly higher-strung variety and has been on the go for quite a while now. After coming back from Bay St. Louis he was really wiped out, both physically and emotionally. He took an all-day rest, and it made a huge difference.

I’m really excited about today. I will be going to Bay St. Louis to get checked in with the Emergency Operations Center there and get my ID to work in Harrison County, MS. After that (and some other errands people in my car need to do there, like shots) we will head in to Algiers, downtown. Our team is delivering some stuff to some community radio people who are running an internet lab for the commnuity down there. My job will be to explore how we can get them some serious bandwidth. Their current connection for an entire room of computers is a laptop with a cell phone card!


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