Day 1

My first day was half a day because I got here and got put to work after noon. I spent the first while getting the lay of the land, the people, etc. The Bay St. Louis team was getting loaded up to head south, so there was some work to do there. Once they left it calmed down quite a bit.

I identified two needs and a guy named Alecs and I self-organized into a little team to chip away at them. We need a single public website, and also a single internal place for a couple web apps people have thrown together with Ruby on Rails. We could also use a better “new volunteer arrives and gets to work” process. So those are the things I am working on.

I slept indoors on someone’s cot in the air conditioning. It was so cold I was glad I had my sleeping bag. The weather outside is 90% with 90% humidity. I went out at night and the air was in some kind of super-humid state such that it was literally hard to breathe. Every time I would take a deep breath, I’d feel like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. I think the air was actually condensing inside my lungs! A thick fog hung in the air, like something out of a Poe novel.

This morning we woke up and realized the Internet connection here was sucking. So I started debugging it, trying to decide if it was a local problem or a remote one. The experienced wifi guys, instead of looking at their computers, walked outside and looked at the link. The next door neighbor, who we are getting Internet from wirelessly, had parked two semi trucks between the two antennas during the night! Looks like I have a lot to learn about debugging wireless networks…


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