Change of Plans, again

I’ve gotten in touch with some great guys who are installing WiFi in shelters in Louisiana, and have decided to make a trip out there in my car to work with them.

Being outside the Palo Alto area will likely disrupt my attempts to get placed with Red Cross, so I plan to drop by the Red Cross office today and have them stop my application from going onwards. When I check in to the farm where I will be staying in LA, I will also check in with the Red Cross there and let them know that if/when it makes sense for me to transition from tech work to shelter work, I’m ready to do so.

This trip will be expensive, and I am on a tight budget, as I am still between jobs. I have set up a page here to answer the question some people have already asked me in person, “can I help with your trip?”.

I hope to drive out this afternoon and join the team Tuesday at midday.


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