What is the price of security?



Sounds like a really deep question, right?

But in this case, it was esay. With help from my parents and grandparents, I traded in my complicated itinerary home for a simple e-ticket on American Airlines from Guatemala City to San Francisco.

The old itinerary involved a too-expensive flight from Guatemala to Cancun, or a really long bus ride, followed by traveling standby out of Cancun. The new itinerary has all the random earth-bound connections taken out, and replaces them with a boring old two-stop flight directly to SFO via Dallas and Los Angeles. And it didn’t exactly break the bank, because I told a teensy weenie lie to American Airlines and told them I was sure I could fly back to Guatemala City on Oct 8. We’ll see if I am really in a position to keep that promise to them.

However, with the continuing aviation fues shortages, I suspect the flight home won’t go exactly according to plan. But the good news is that once I touch down in Dallas, anything else that goes wrong is American Airline’s problem to solve, not mine.

If all goes according to plan air-travel-wise, I will be in SFO at 5:37 pm next Thursday.


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