Apple’s new mouse

Apple released the Mighty Mouse today. Leave it to Apple to “innovate” themselves into making a zero button, four button mouse. Yes, they added some space-age alien technology to sense your “clicking” through the shell so that there would BE NO BUTTONS.

Because, seriously, the fact that there are buttons on my mouse is the BIGGEST SINGLE PROBLEM in my daily digital life.


The entire product is captured nicely in this quote (from here):

How many companies would spend so much time and thought building a mouse that works seamlessly with the world’s most advanced operating system? Here’s a hint: You can count them on one finger.

Yeah, and I’m not having a lot of trouble deciding which finger to use, guys.

Update: Foxtrot noticed the same news item and had a funnier spin on it. Thanks to Karl for the link.

Hola, otra vez, San Pedro

Llegué con securidad en San Pedro ayer por la noche. Mi viaje de San Cristobal a San Pedro era fácil. Me plazco a volver a San Pedro. Es aún más bonito en invierno que verano. No hay mucho lluvio ya, solamente sol y poco nubes.

Ayer en la noche, dormí en la hotel Sak’cari. Esta noche, voy a domir en el Hotel San Francisco, porque es mas barrato. En algunos días, voy a moverme al casa de parientes de Juan, mi compañero de trabajo.

Hoy estoy escribiendo una plano por mi tiempo aquí.

Todavía necesito buscar una maestra de español y elegir uno horario. Pienso voy a estudiar dos o tres diás cada semana.

En ingles

I arrived safely in San Pedro last night. My trip from San Cristobal to San Pedro was easy. I’m happy to be back in San Pedro. Is is even more beautiful in the rainy season than in the dry season. I have not had much rain yet, just sun and little clouds.

Last night, I stayed in the Hotel Sak’cari. Tonight, I will stay in Hotel San Francisco, because it is cheaper. In a few days, I will move into Juan’s parent’s house. Juan is my coworker.

Today, I am writing a plan for my time here.

I still need to find a Spanish teacher and choose a schedule. I think I will study two or three days a week.