En Mexico



No tengo mi dicionario, etonces hoy voy a escribir solamente ingles.

I left San Pedro yesterday and started my trek north to Mexico City. Yesterday morning as I got ready to leave I thought I might go to Chichicastenango for the world famous market. But it turns out I was off by a day and would have needed to kill some time. Time is not on my side right now, as there are lots of fun things between here and Mexico City airport.

I realized it was better to head north, since I know I am coming back to Lake Atitlan. There’s nothing of tourist interest on the route to San Cristobal las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico. So I decided to just go for it and spend one miserable day traveling as far as I possibly could, then spend the time I saved recuperating. The jury is still out on whether that was a good idea. By the time I got to the Mexican border, I was pretty damn worn out. I made a mistake telling the guy how many days I would be in Mexico so I probably will need to figure out how to extend my visa. I decided to stop in Comitan last night when I was so tired and sore that I could hardly walk. The bed was worse than in San Andrès, if that’s even possible. I had a terrible headache at dinner which was only partly solved by eating and drinking, which I hadn’t done enough of during the day of traveling. At 3 am I woke up and took some Tylenol, which was an improvement. When I sleep fitfully nowdays (perhaps because of the bed, or noise or whatever) I spend the whole night struggling to conjugate Spanish verbs. I don’t do this on purpose… in fact several times I remember telling myself in English to just GIVE UP and sleep. I was in fairly good shape this morning. I made my way to San Cristobal las Casas, where I am now.

Today I will rest and see the sights here a little bit.

I am signed up for a tour to Sumidero Canyon tomorrow. Tomorrow night I will stay in Palenque, then get up early and visit the temples in the cool morning air. After that I don’t know what the plan is… I will probably get out of Palenque as soon as possible because it is really touristy.

I want to spend several days around Oaxca because there are treks up in the mountains that look like they will be fun.

My trip to London (and thus also my short stay in the US) is finalized. I will be in the US from May 13 (late) to May 18 (afternoon). You know your visit home is too short when you resort to including the times in the dates! I will be in Redwood City Saturday morning (May 14), and would like to see people. Perhaps a big breakfast at Hobees is in order. The rest of the time I will be at the cabin in the mountains with my parents. If you’d like to drop by up there, we’d love to see you too!

I have started contemplating how to get back to Lake Atitlan cheaply and funly (sorry, bad habit from Spanish, where all the adjectives can be adverbed). Current ideas include a flight to Cancun (because they are always cheap), train to San Diego (expensive, but I have always wanted to do it) and then buses down Baja California and the rest of Mexico to Guatemala. There’s also the boring idea of just flying into Guatemala City, but that sounds not only boring but expensive.


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