New York City



My first big trip after leaving Tellme has commenced!

I am writing this from Jim Fanning’s apartment in the Upper West Side of New York City. I got in yesterday at 3:30pm, and took the subway in. I had time to kill before visiting Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) for a prospective volunteer open house.

I went through Grand Central Station on the way to the main branch of the public library. I gawked at both of those for a while, then walked along 42nd Avenue toward Times Square. I hit an internet cafe there, got dinner, and took the cab to MSF. Perfect timing!

The info session was great. The talk she gave was the same info I had already gathered myself by researching the organization (so far so good, consistency is good). She answered my specific questions really well, so that was helpful. Finally, getting to see the office in person reinforced that this is a quality organization I’d be willing to put my trust in. So I’m getting ready to apply now. Hopefully I’ll pass the screening process, then get an in-person interview on my way back through New York in mid-December.

Jim and Polly were really hospitable, and Jim helped me figure out some fun places to walk in his neighborhood today. I did most of Central Park and the Guggenheim today. Now I am 4 minutes late to leave for Newark, where I’ll catch a red-eye to Portugal, so I’ve got to stop this journal and get out of here!


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