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I got an email from Chris Shipley today, who is also writing a blog about Measure Q.

Chris is right, I did vote no on Measure Q when I sent in my absentee ballot last week. I did so for two reasons, each of about the same importance to me. For one thing, I feel like the Yes on Q campaign is bought and paid for by a developer who is ramming this development down our throats, and I want to send the developer a message that democracy still works, and money does not buy votes. The other reason that I am against it is because I believe such high density development should be within walking distance of Caltrain. I don’t mind the idea of high-rises on the Peninsula, but I want to see them someplace which will at least make it possible for people to live car-free.


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  1. Internet notices Q, and doesn’t

    There is also apparently questionable telemarketing behaviour associated with the pro-Q side. And jra links to another no-on-Q blog, which describes a reaction to the “real pictures” mailing similar to my own. (I’m a little puzzled why none of…

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