A visit to Yes on Q headquarters



So I hopped on my bike and rode down to Yes On Q headquarters. It is, not surprisingly, located in spacious offices owned by the same organization that wants to build the high rises. Sigh. Democracy at it’s finest.

I talked to a nice guy there named Bill Ferguson. Here are the things we talked about:

  • me: Get me off your freakin’ list!
  • him: No problem. (He scribbles down my name and number.)
  • him: Your phone number is public knowledge once you register to vote, and we’re allowed to call you.
  • me: Yes, you are allowed to call me. ONCE. Then I’m allowed to ask to be on your do not call list.
  • me: Your telemarketers are not respecting do not call lists, and treating callers unprofessionally when they ask to be removed
  • him: I don’t know how the call centers feed that back that list to us.
  • me: Please figure it out, because I will file a formal complaint against your organization if it happens again.
  • me: This reflects very poorly on your organization, and makes me unsympathetic to your arguments. I’m likely to vote “no” now.

So, a constructive conversation was had. I expect to keep getting calls, and I expect to have to learn how to file a formal complaint. Luckily, I’m currently unemployed (by choice, thank god) and so I have plenty of time to make Bill Ferguson’s life hell.

Sorry about that Bill. Call off the tele-spammers, and I’ll go easy on you.


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