Firefox 0.9.1



First the good news: Firefox 0.9.1 for Win32 fixes my crashing problems. (So all you Mozilla zealots that found this page last time I said something about Firefox, please don’t spam me.)

The bad news is that Firefox 0.9 was a crashy mess, and it stomped my icons such that my HTML files that I saved out of Excel no longer had the “Excel generated HTML” icon, and no longer had the “Edit” option on the context menu.

So I upgraded to Firefox 0.9.1 and found that the UI has new icons. Again.

Now, a word to to the Firefox developers: please focus on making a 1.0 release that doesn’t crash, and who’s user interface does not change every time I upgrade a point release. All I want from my browser is a rock solid foundation which I can ignore while I go about my daily life online. It is NOT a UI scripting and experimentation platform, it is NOT a playground for graphical designers, is it NOT for anyone’s vanity. It should be like the footing of a bridge; resolute and steadfast.

Thank you for your astounding work on the Mozilla project. Please keep up the good work.


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