iTunes gripes

On the first day it was released, I installed iTunes for Windows. I figured something from Apple has a chance of dislodging WinAmp as my music player. They pay attention to important details, and except for the ongoing Quicktime debacle, make software most people seem to like.

Using it to edit MP3 metadata has been a disappointment. Though other people claim it makes perfect sense to them, I can’t for the life of me understand how to make a playlist. Part of the problem is that I keep right clicking on stuff, and nothing useful happens.

I suppose I need a lobotomy to really get inside the head of a Mac developer. But that’s just incindiary, so if I had an editor she’d strike that. Unluckily for you, the reader, this is a blog, and you have to endure my flames.

I love that it found the other music in the office via Rendevous. Very cool. That feature especially delighted me because I wasn’t expecting it at all, it just happened. The other music was coming from Macs, too. I expected the music to be all corrupted from some stupid byte-swapping bug, but Apple actually got it right, if you can believe it.

The other disappointment is the selection of music in the online store. The night I got iTunes I wanted to play “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” for a friend. They had the Cake one (puh-leeeeze), but not the Doris Day one. Actually, what I really wanted was the one from Coupling, which is where I first heard the song. So, no $0.99 for Apple that night. Tonight, I was in the mood for a some Evanescence after hearing a hauntingly beautiful acoustic version on the radio the other day. Guess what? Not on iTunes. I’m going to get out of the habit of even trying to buy music if this keeps happening.

One more gripe: how can a friggin MP3 player need a reboot to be installed right? WinAmp doesn’t need one. I bet iTunes on OS X doesn’t need one when you upgrade it. Reboots are stupid, and programs that require them are stupid too. So there.


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