Beter Speling

You should be seeing better spelling on this weblog from now on, since I added to my MoveableType installation. Unfortunately, you have to patch MT itself to integrate it, but it was no big deal.

There’s no way to add words to your personal dictionary on the server side, but I have an idea for how to do it, which I might try out. If I get it figured out, I’ll post it here. Basically, I’ll write a CGI script called “add-word.cgi” or something. Then I’ll arrange for every potentially misspelled word to be a link to a javascript function which submits the word to the CGI, and possibly even makes changes using the DOM so that the word is no longer a link, and no longer marked as misspelled.

Update Via an auto-generated trackback ping (thank you MT!) I found out about someone else who had the exact same idea, and actually did it already! This Interweb thingie is pretty nifty. I think we should probably keep it.


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