Your tax dollars at work



I was poking around the WHO’s website and I found something called the Codex Alimentarius. Sounds mysterious, huh? Turns out it’s like the IETF, but for international exchange of food products. Guess what type of “nutritional packet” comes in these varieties:

Sweet-fig, Pisang Mas, Amas Date, Bocadillo, Ney Poovan Ney Poovan, Safet Velchi, Cavendish Dwarf Cavendish, Giant Cavendish, Lacatan, Poyo (Robusta), Williams, Americani, Valery, Arvis, Gros Michel, Highgate, Pink Fig, Green pink Fig, Ibota, Apple Fig, Silk, Pacovan, Prata Ana, Mysore Mysore, Pisang Ceylan, Gorolo.

I’ll answer in email if you can’t figure it out. Fascinating how much random stuff is on the net, huh?


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