Government by and for the people

Dave Winer points to a paper from a new colleague of his. His thesis is that a new super power is coming into existence to hold in check the United States. It’s about time, since it looks like we really need one.

This brings to mind something else I heard on the radio, I forget where. Many people in other countries say, “We don’t hate Americans, we just hate their government.” And it would be nice if we could just shrug off our current administration’s deplorable diplomatic manner so easily. But we can’t, because our government is a government of the people. If you don’t like my government, you don’t like me.

We, the people of the United States, need to take it personally that all these people don’t like our government. If being liked is important to us (and I’d argue that a useful path to domestic security is being liked) then we need to get rid of this government and get ourselves one that we like, and that other people like too.


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