Sometimes I come across a saying and I think, “that would make a good band name”.

Tonight, which watching Insomniac, there was a steel mill on. In the furnace control room, there was a dial labeled megawatts. Megawatts! I immediately realized I just HAD to have one for a coworker. So I searched on ebay, and on Google. Nothing came up. Perhaps it was the search terms I used. I tried different things until I ended up with the search terms “megawatt gauge”.

And then it hit me: Megawatt Gauge would be a great band name.

Another one…

A while ago, Ray invited me to a party. It was supposed ot be a BBQ, but it turned out that Ray’s new BBQ didn’t have propane. So someone went out in search of propane. They couldn’t get any on a Sunday, so they did the next best thing, bring a full propane tank from their house. The problem was, the fittings you use to connect the tank and the BBQ were not the same size.

What we had was a case of “Incompatible Nipples”. Thus was born another great band name.

PS: I never did find a megawatt gauge, so if you find one, please send it to me.

Update (September 2008): Another great band name, “Derelict Butterships”, the result of speculations with a friend on how butter comes from New Zealand to England.

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